4th April 2016

TappnEd Beta launches for the global education and training market. Included in this beta release is:

  • Free account with revenue sharing on sign up.
  • Interactive "in-video" learning on any device.
  • Video monetization with StripeTM secure payments.
  • Social share now or later function.
  • Multiple interactive video Lessons in a single Course.
  • In-video interactive polling.
  • Course rating by Learners on completion.
  • FAQs and Support Pages

Whilst TappnEd is in Beta we are looking for both Educators and Learners alike to engage with our system, see how they like the format and user interface, and make suggestions or comments.

Do you have a suggestion or idea you would like to see? Tell us! We are happy to engage with our users to make the best possible system. Also feel free to make a sample course and publish it. You will get paid if learners like them.

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Any enquiries can be directed through the Contact Us page.