The right question,
at the right time.

TappnEd is a great interactive video education platform for the global online education market.

TappnEd allows Learners to view and answer interactive questions "in-video" before, during and after videos on any device - without being drawn away from the video learning content.

Educators can validate Learners knowledge retention through interactive questions and answers delivered in in an easy to digest format.

Learners can use their smartphones, tablets and desktops to participate in courses with tap-based interaction fully supported.

Multiple Call-To-Actions (CTA) can be included successively after learning points "in-video" where the learner must answer the question, and then depending on the answer selected, may then progress if correct to the next learning point. Competency based or % scoring both supported.

Educators can monetize their video and course material by providing candidates the Buy feature where courses can be purchased using StripeTM secure payments.

Educators can now mesh their unique course knowledge with the power of interactive video to form a powerful audio, visual and tactile learning experience, and then deploy that as a paid course on any supported smartphone, tablet or desktop.

Educators get a share of the revenue generated depending on the Account Level starting at 50% revenue share for the Free account.

TappnEd is unique as its interaction is ALL "in-video" on many devices - users are not asked to go to a separate web page to answer questions. Breaking the learning experience by drawing away the learner from the content can be counterproductive, and may limit the effectiveness on mobile devices. TappnEd uses the latest HTML5 browser technology which can be especially effective in mobile learning.

  • All interactions are "in-video".
  • Intuitive video interface for ease of learning.
  • Teach learning points first with video and then test.
  • Validate knowledge retention "in-video" before moving onto the next learning point.
  • Customize multiple choice questions with your choice of colors, or use your own images.
  • Responsive design allows viewing on any device size and orientation including iPhones, iPads, Android, laptop or desktop.
  • Enforce competency learning or % based scoring.
  • Competency based learning option forces Learners watch the learning point again.
  • Learn at your own leisure or come back to the course later if interrupted.
  • In-video Polling allows educators to get feedback on any topic - live.
  • Great for people with learning disabilities as the combination of audio visual learning points doesn't rely solely on text, visual or audio systems.
  • Monetize video with interactive course content in a seamless secure purchase experience.
  • Fully secure 128-bit SSL HTTPS encryption for all interaction.

Learners can share interactive video courses via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram directly from the video course or their profile and challenge other learners to do better.

Educators can share new courses through their social media accounts using the social media integration function.

Pre-schedule social media posts using Share Later to coincide with press embargoes, press releases, marketing and social media activities at a pre-set time and date in the future.

Reporting and analytics include completion rates, scoring, financial, geographical, demographic, social shares, course and video viewing, and time based reporting.

TappnEd can be used in a wide variety of industries including:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Corporate Training:
    • Inductions
    • New courses
    • Compliance
  • Vocational Education & Training (VET):
    • New courses and compliance
    • Workplace Health & Safety (WHS)
    • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).
  • Product Training:
    • Online software
    • Medical devices
    • Tools & Equipment
  • Mining, Gas & Oil:
    • Safety
    • First Aid
    • Equipment maintenance
  • Police, Emergency Services & Military
  • Government & NGOs
  • Charities & Community Service
  • Fitness, Health & Cooking
  • Specialised & Custom
  • Marketing & Sales

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