The Ultimate Uber Driver Course

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Course Description

The Ultimate Uber Driver Course is FREE and will tell you the tips, tricks, how to money and all the general information needed to become a successful Uber driver. The course includes 21 individual lessons covering topics such as the application process, insurance, how to make money, surges and minimising risk. Sign up to TappnEd is free.


Don't make expensive mistakes like I did... Find out where to save money setting up your Uber business and how to make money - quickly and like an expert!

Included are tips, tricks, hacks, Uber rules and real strategies to make you money quickly.

Learn all this and more from an Uber driver with over a thousand trips of experience.

The Ultimate Uber Driver Course will run you through the Pros and Cons of Uber driving, set up costs (what is essential & how to save money), how to make money, best strategies for profit, tactics and tips, how to take advantage of surges, problems to avoid, how to operate the Uber App, doing your first trip, best times to drive, what to avoid, getting paid, and general information and links to additional videos and web pages.

We have put all this in one course to get you up and running FAST ...time is money!
- Great course. It was easy to understand and had lots of information for the beginner driver. I found it easy to follow and the questions were fun and informative - Ahmed from Sydney.
- Lots of good stuff here!! Nice work guys!! - Dazza from Perth.
- This course made it easy for me to start Ubering quickly and thanks for making it available on mobile phones - Peter from London.
Sign up for The Ultimate Uber Driver Course and get on the road and earning!

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Questions, tips, requests and general comments can be sent to – happy driving!

- S.K.


  • Intro and Lesson 1: Making money with the Referral Code
    07:01 minute(s)
  • Lesson 2: Pros & Cons of Ridesharing
    02:47 minute(s)
  • Lesson 3: How much do Uber drivers make?
    04:55 minute(s)
  • Lesson 4: Eligibility – car, licence, insurance
    03:23 minute(s)
  • Lesson 5: Application Process
    02:28 minute(s)
  • Lesson 6: Set up costs
    04:47 minute(s)
  • Lesson 7: Insurance
    03:46 minute(s)
  • Lesson 8: Financials
    01:06 minute(s)
  • Lesson 9: The “Contractor” argument
    01:15 minute(s)
  • Lesson 10: How to make money
    09:54 minute(s)
  • Lesson 11: Surge Pricing
    05:45 minute(s)
  • Lesson 12: How to get 5 star ratings
    05:23 minute(s)
  • Lesson 13: Using the App
    15:22 minute(s)
  • Lesson 14: Pickups and Drop-offs
    10:43 minute(s)
  • Lesson 15: Vehicle Cleaning
    03:37 minute(s)
  • Lesson 16: Dress & Appearance
    01:04 minute(s)
  • Lesson 17: Uber
    02:33 minute(s)
  • Lesson 18: Uber Rules and KPIs
    02:08 minute(s)
  • Lesson 19: Bad Rider Ratings and Termination of Driver
    02:31 minute(s)
  • Lesson 20: Problem Solving
    03:33 minute(s)
  • Lesson 21: Getting Paid
    00:59 minute(s)
  • Lesson 22: Sign Up Link
    01:04 minute(s)


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