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Course Description

Ultimate Uber Driver Course Preview is a one minute preview of what is contained in the course.

Lesson 1: Making money with the Referral Code.*
Lesson 2: Pros & Cons of Ridesharing. *
Lesson 3: How much can you make? *
Lesson 4: Eligibility – car, licence, insurance.*
Lesson 5: Application Process. *
Lesson 6: Set-up costs & accessories.
Lesson 7: Car Insurance. *
Lesson 8: Financials. *
Lesson 9: The “Contractor” argument.
Lesson 10: How to make money.
Lesson 11: Surge Pricing.
Lesson 12: How to get 5 star ratings.
Lesson 13: Using the App.
Lesson 14: Pick-ups and Drop-offs.
Lesson 15: Vehicle Cleaning.
Lesson 16: Dress and Appearance.
Lesson 17: Uber the company.
Lesson 18: Uber Rules & KPIs.
Lesson 19: Bad Ratings & Termination of Driver.
Lesson 20: Problem Solving.
Lesson 21: Getting Paid, and…*
Lesson 22: Uber Sign Up Link*

Want to make money with Uber or just get up to date research prior to committing to being an Uber driver?
This course will run you through the Pros and Cons, set up costs and what is essential, how to save money, how to make money, best strategies, tactics and tips, what problems to look out for, how to operate the Uber App, doing your first trip, best times to drive, what to avoid and general information and links to additional videos and web pages.
We have put all this in one course for the purpose of getting you up and running as soon as possible – “time is money”!
Sign up for The Ultimate Uber Driver course and get on the road and earning money quickly!
Questions, tips, requests and general comments can be sent to – happy driving!

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