Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Basics: Part I

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  • Olha Andriichuk
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Course Description

Search Engine Marketing Basics: Part I covers all aspects of Search Engine Marketing and how it can be used to grow your buisness. This course includes explanations of common SEM terms, which ad networks you can choose, how to create your own SEM campaign, how SEO strategies impact of your SEM, useful tactics and techniques as well as what to look out for and what mistakes to avoid.

The course was written by SEM expert Olha Andriichuk who has deployed thousands of SEM programs for customers worldwide.

Search Engine Marketing: Part II will be available as a separate course over the next few weeks.


  • Lesson 1 What is SEM?
    04:49 minute(s)
  • Lesson 2 Basic SEM Terminology
    13:40 minute(s)
  • Lesson 3 Keyword Search
    15:27 minute(s)
  • Lesson 4 on-page SEO and how it affects your SEM
    16:08 minute(s)
  • Lesson 5 Google AdWords
    08:53 minute(s)
  • Lesson 6 What Ad Networks to choose?
    10:34 minute(s)
  • Lesson 7 Bing Ads
    12:00 minute(s)


Olha Andriichuk, Digital Marketing Director

Olha is an expert in creating successful digital marketing campaigns by utilising multiple digital marketing platforms and SEO techniques.


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