Pitch Deck for StartCon2016

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Course Description

Here's the Pitch Deck (updated) for StartCon 2016 which we presented as part of the pitch competition.

This is a good example of how to get investors interested in your product, service or project using the unique capabilities of TappnEd interactive video call-to-actions.

The key components of the interactive video pitch deck are:

1. Start engaging with your viewers during the pitch to get them thinking.
2. Ask them for feedback or opinions on your product features.
3. Ask them if they understand your product or service offering.
4. Ask them how to improve the offer or what they think about the business model.
5. Finally ask for them to invest in your awesome idea!

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  • Pitch Deck from StartCon (updated 16/12/16)
    08:46 minute(s)


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