13 - IRB Awareness - Launch, Landing, Lift and Carry (SLSA)

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Course Description

13 - IRB Awareness - Launch, Landing, Lift and Carry is an interactive video refresher which can be used for annual SLSA Skills Maintenance and SLSA Bronze Medallion training. This interactive video course has various questions embedded throughout the video which are designed test memory and challenge recollection of learning points.

This course is merely a refresher designed to remind and trigger previously known course material in preparation for annual skills maintenance activities and does not replace your Surf Lifesaving Club organised annual skills maintenance. You will still need to attend these and demonstrate competency in the respective award.

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  • 13 - IRB Awareness - Launch, Landing, Lift and Carry
    02:50 minute(s)


Olivia Harvey, Learning and Development Coordinator

Learning and development resource coordination for Surf Life Saving Australia.


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