Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up as an Educator?

At the Home screen you will be prompted to register - select Educator as your account type. This will take you to the Educator Dashboard where you can complete your Educator details, profile, bank account information and create courses.

I have already signed up as a Learner and it won't let me register as an Educator.

You will need to use a new separate email if you have already signed up as a Learner. We don't have the facility to swap between the two account types yet.

How much do I get paid?

We share in revenue a set percentage based on your account level after transaction (merchant fee) costs. Transaction costs are the cost of processing the credit card transaction, commonly called "merchant fees" which are charged by the payment gateway.

Free accounts will receive 50% revenue share of course fees after transaction costs.

Premium accounts ($29.95 per month) will receive 60% revenue share of course fees after transaction costs.

Professional accounts ($99.95 per month) will receive 70% revenue share of course fees after transaction costs.

Enterprise accounts ($299.95 per month) will receive 80% revenue share of course fees after transaction costs.

For each transaction there is a flat 30c charge plus a percentage. For domestic (Australian) credit cards the percentage is 1.75%. For international (outside of Australia) or Amex the percentage is 2.9%.

How often do I get paid?

Payments are made monthly at the end of each month for the month before. That means if you sell course through say for example September, then you will be paid at the end of October. Make sure you complete your banking information correctly otherwise you will not be paid.

What if one of my Learners wants a refund?

Refunds will be given subject to the official Refund Policy. If a Learner disputes a charge or doesn't think the course was up to their expected standard TappnEd will apply a clawback procedure for that course amount, and deduct it from the total amount owing on the next payment run.

How do I find out what my payment amount is?

Go to your Dashboard and select the Reporting menu option on the left, then Financials tab, and either select Last Payment period or using the Date Range From and To.

Payment is calculated as Gross Course Revenue less Merchant Fees less TNE (TappnEd) Commission equals total Net Revenue. This amount will be inclusive of GST.

What are the benefits of having different account levels?

The higher your account level then the more revenue share, more features and more storage you get. As you upgrade your account level your monthly quota of free courses will increase allowing more Learners to experience your courses for free.

How do I upgrade my account to get more revenue share?

Go to My Account, select Account Information tab, and Change Plan upgrade blue button. You will be asked to put in your credit card details which will be encrypted and passed through to the secure payment gateway. No credit card details are kept on our system.

How secure is my account details?

Only you and authorised TappnEd staff can see your private account details. Some basic information that you publish in a course will be visible to website visitors. All data passed from your browser to TappnEd is through an encrypted connection using an industry standard SSL certificate which relies on 256 bit AES encryption algorithms. A green padlock will appear in the address bar when the connection is encrypted. Credit card details are also encrypted as they are passed through to the payment gateway.

Can I downgrade my account anytime?

Yes. You are able to downgrade your account any time and the new level will take effect on the next date of monthly renewal. Make sure you set your courses, video length and storage to coincide with your decreased account access level otherwise the system will automatically disable your account.

How do I market my courses?

There are several ways you can market courses.

  • Invite Learners using the Learner Settings->Register Learners button. You can either manually type in the name and email or if you are a Paid account holder you can upload a CSV file with their First name, Last Name and email address, and then invite them to your courses using the Learner Settings-Learner Settings tab and then select them using the check box column and then Submit button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Use the Social Share and Publish Schedule from the Courses->Edit setting. Select your Social Media account (you must authorise TappnEd access first) with the choices being Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email. A shortlink will be produced which like link to the Course Holding Page. You can also copy the shortlink using the Copy Link button.
  • Use your own email or an email marketing provider (eg. MailChimp) to invite learners using the shortlink to the Course Holding Page. Make sure you only use emails that will not consider your email as spam. Learners will need to click on the link and register their details to take your course.

How do I use social media to share my course?

Go to Courses main menu-> Settings "cog" icon ->Edit. You must first allow TappnEd to post on your behalf. It will only do so when you chose to. No automatic posting is enabled unless you calendar a future posting (for embargoed courses to be advertised in the future for example). Select the social media account with the check box and either share now or share later. Share later will schedule a post according to time and date you select. This will be in your local time.

How do I preview my Course Holding Page?

Go to Courses main menu-> Settings "cog" icon ->Edit and select preview holding page in browser. This will open up a new tab in your browser.

How do I access, edit, suspend or play my course?

Go to Courses main menu->Settings "cog" icon->Edit.

How add, delete or edit lessons or call-to-actions in my course?

You may edit you course by adding, deleting or changing a call to action from the Courses main menu->Settings "cog" icon->Edit option and then adding new or existing lessons (which will contain the respective call to actions). Be aware if you change a course by adding deleting or editing any part of it after a Learner has started the course but before they have finished it may not be accurately reported later, or they may have to restart the course to take account of your changes.

How much should I charge for my course?

You can charge whatever you want but try and set to price to reflect reasonable value for money. If a Learner thinks your course isn't what you advertise it to be for the price paid, then they may request a refund. Refund requests are evaluated according to the official Refund Policy.

How long does my course have to be?

Courses can have as many lessons contained within them as you want. The limitation of video length applies to whatever your account access is. You can have as may paid courses published as you want.

How long can a lesson (video) be?

A lesson (or video), can be as long as the video is, and will be based on your account level. To find out your account level list of accessible features go to My Account menu->Account information which will show the table of available features and functions for all account levels. Your account type will be shown at the top of the page. Free accounts have a maximum video length of 3 minutes, Premium accounts = 5 minutes max, Professional = 20 minutes and Enterprise = 30 minutes.

What countries are TappnEd courses available for purchase?

Globally. Learners can purchase a TappnEd course anywhere in the world as long as they have a valid credit card. Educators are currently only able to be paid using Australian bank accounts however we will be installing a global payment option soon.

Can I sign up as an Educator if I don't have an Australian bank account?

Yes, you can sign up if you don't have an Australian bank account, however we will not be able to pay you until our international payment feature is available. In the meantime, we will accrue all course revenue share for distribution later when the feature becomes available.

When will Educators be able to get paid for revenue share and advertising share?

We anticipate making international payment options available mid 2016.

My school is planning a PD day and everyone will do the course at the same time. What issues may arise?

There are a number of points with regard to large school group access of the course that are important.

  • Registration uses a system email. A user has to get their email correct in the first place for the system generated email to have a chance of reaching them.
  • How the system email is perceived by your ISP, LAN Spam protection and computer Spam protection may also influence receipt. Legitimate system emails sometimes may be incorrectly treated as Spam (as more than 90% of the world's emails are Spam).
  • TappnEd is capable of handling multiple users into the thousands in a day. However, if multiple access occurs from a particular network position, local congestion may be a factor. If you have all staff trying to access over your school LAN at the same time this may be an issue. You should seek advice from your LAN administrator.
  • Experience from school staff trying to access shows the following:

    - register before the day so that if an account is not established there is some time to have it confirmed manually.

    - allowing/encouraging staff to complete the course throughout the day or over the week, rather than at the one time may reduce staff frustration if there are any issues.

    - allowing/encouraging staff to complete the course at alternate times of their choosing before the day.